10 Places In Belgrade You Must Visit

Located at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Sava, Belgrade is a city which will fascinate you with its energy, cultural spots, sightseeing,  restaurants, and hospitality.

Despite Serbia’s tumultuous past, nowadays this country attracts over three million visitors per year, and over one million of those people decide to spend their vacation exactly in its capital – Belgrade.

You will be fascinated by pedestrianized streets in the center and the artistic and cultural scene (especially during spring and summer). If you happen to be in Belgrade in August, you will have a chance to be a part of Belgrade Beer Fest, one of the biggest beer festivals in this part of Europe. This event lasts for five days, offers many free live concerts of local and international artists and you will have a chance to try out numerous types of beer.

If you want to make your stay in Belgrade memorable, we created a list of the top 10 places you shouldn’t miss.


1. Ada Ciganlija

If you enjoy relaxing walks by the water, you should go straight to Ada Ciganlija, a top spot for summer fun. This is a river island which is turned into a peninsula and it is often called “Belgrade’s seaside”. Its artificial lake is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but for those who like to have more activities, there are plenty of options like kayaking, fishing, cycling and even bungee jumping in case you are looking for a dose of adrenalin.


2. Skadarlija

Skadarlija is considered one of the places you simply must visit. It is a bohemian quarter, known as a Belgrade’s Montmartre. There you will find charming cafes, restaurants with traditional dishes and if the weather is fine you will have a chance to sit at a streetside table. Some of the Skadarlija’s restaurants like Tri šešira (“Three Hats”), Dva Jelena (“Two Deer”) and Zlatni Bokal (“The Golden Jug”) have a long tradition starting from the 19th century, and unsurprisingly they still exist today.


3. Kalemegdan Fortress

Kalemegdan fortress is an excellent location for hanging out because it is one of the best green spaces in the city. It is located in the city center, close to Knez Mihailova street, and apart from walking paths, monuments, restaurants, and amazing view, you can also enjoy Belgrade Zoo, Military Museum, and Roman Well that inspired numerous legends and stories. The fortress was built in stages between the 1st and 18th century and represents a place where Belgrade started to develop.


4. National Museum

Locals use the Republic Square as a central meeting point, so there is always someone hanging out next to the monument of Knez Mihailo. This is one of the city landmarks and right next to it are some of the most important cultural buildings in Belgrade – the National Museum and National Theatre. If you decide to visit the museum here is one useful information – you can enter it for free on Sundays. Its permanent exhibition is divided into three floors. The ground floor is covering the period up to Roman times, the first floor offers Medieval, baroque, renaissance items as well as the paintings from up to a 19th century. Modern paintings and sculptures of the 20th century are located on the second floor which is also a part of the museum where thematic exhibitions are held.


5. Ethnographic Museum

Belgrade is also home to one of the oldest museums in Serbia – the Ethnographic Museum. There, you will have a chance to learn about regional costumes, house interiors, models of different housing styles in different regions of Balkans and how they changed over the centuries. If you want to buy some unique gift or a great book, you can visit their shop.


6.  Nikola Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique place where the heritage of this world-famous scientist is preserved. You will be able to see some of his personal documentation, more than 200 thousand books, and journals, centenary cabinets, and wireless energy and ball lightning he used to ‘create thunders’ and many other things. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular destinations for anyone coming to Belgrade.


7.  Monument to the Unknown Hero

There is one thing that almost every Belgrade tourist will ask himself – who is the person who inspired artists to create such a magnificent monument at Avala mountain on the south-eastern corner of the city? Well, here is how the story goes. Monument to the Unknown Hero is dedicated to the Serbian soldier from World War One who was killed by the Austrian howitzer missiles in 1915. He was buried there and only the old wooden cross marked his grave. When the exhumation process began in in November 1923, they were unable to confirm his identity. They found belt, straps, and boots that belonged to the Serbian military and they were sure he was Serbian, but they couldn’t reveal his identity. The monument was finished in 1938 and since then it represents a true jewel of the Avala mountain which is a perfect destination for a one-day trip from Belgrade.


8. Avala Tower

Your tour to the Mount Avala can include a visit to the Avala Tower which is 204.68 m tall and where you can have an unforgettable panoramic view. The tower includes a break coffee bar at 119m hight where you can have a glass of your favorite drink or a tasty piece of cake from their patisserie. It was originally built in 1965 but then it was destroyed during the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. Its reconstruction was finished in 2010 and today it is open for visits every day during the entire year.


9. Košutnjak

Košutnjak should be included in your itinerary, for sure. It is a most popular recreational forest park in Belgrade. Here you can have a picknick, cycle, jog or just take a walk surrounded by nature. This is also a place where Unique Monument of German history is located. Actually, the monument was built by orders of German field marshal who was impressed with the courage of the Serbian army in defending their capital city in World War I. He said that all Serbian soldiers must be buried properly, and the monument was built in their honor. ‘Serbian heroes rest here’ is quote written on the monument on Serbian and German Language. This is a rare example when one army builds a monument for their enemies.


10. Parliament Palace

One of the top Belgrade landmarks is the Parlament palace which was built in the early 20th century. It is also known as a National Assembly and it witnessed many important historical events not only for the city but for the entire nation. Its construction began back in 1906 on the place where famous Batal mosque and the largest graveyard in the city was located in the 18th and 19th century. The construction of Parliament palace was finished in the thirties when it started serving as a Parliament of Yugoslavia. It is located close to the Republic and Terazije squares, so you might consider visiting it on your way to the National Museum, for example.


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